We take pleasure in making quality custom made furniture that are more than just objects

Being in the furniture-making industry for more than 40 years, ARF Interior has worked together with home-owners and designers to build an ideal living space that they can proudly call their own. Whether it's exquisite wood veneer or delicate duco paint coloring, we are committed to deliver only quality custom furniture equipped with excellent finishing and best hardware fittings.


Back in 1978, ARF Interior began as a humble custom furniture shop on Fatmawati street - Jakarta. Driven by the ambition to craft quality custom made furniture, ARF Interior continues to take pleasure in making luxurious built-in furniture that will enliven your living place.

To keep presenting the best design that will fit each of our clients’ unique needs, ARF Interior has collaborated with notable interior designers and architects in Indonesia. All of whom share the same vision in creating exceptional quality furniture.

Our Values

Fully Personalized Service

Our furniture is designed and made according to the client’s unique needs and space constraints found during the site visits.

After Sales Service

No need to worry over the broken furniture hardware. We provide free repair service as part of our one year guarantee.

Excellent Quality

We source only A-Grade materials to ensure the quality of our finished work.


Throughout the years, we are also skilled in handling different problems and unique needs of the clients.

Swift Installation

Our furniture is made for quick installation purpose and has undergone strict quality control process at our workshop prior to the shipment.


Our team will assemble and install the built-in furniture onsite to free home-owners and designers from all the hassle.

Helping Designers

To turn the design into a well-made furniture piece, we work together closely with the designers and assist them with the technical aspects of furniture system as well as finishing options.


Handpicked Material
Handpicked Material

To get only the best wood veneers –both import and local- that are available, our owner always carefully selects it himself.

High-end Hardware Sourcing
High-end Hardware Sourcing

Grass, Blum, Salice, Hafele, Hettich, we have all the best names and its products covered.

Advanced System

We integrate technology to our design by using the door sensor switch system for wardrobe and cabinet lighting.

Advanced System
Integrated Furniture

We also take care of the tricky works like fitting electrical appliances or plumbing fixture to ensure the finished furniture is ready to use.

Integrated Furniture

To perfectly suit the client’s needs, we offer fully personalized design, materials, and finishing. This includes the popular wood profile of classic style, smooth yet textured wood finishing, and various gloss levels of paint finish such as matte or glossy.