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About Us

ARF Interior is an experienced custom-made furniture maker based in Jakarta, Indonesia. With more than 40 years of expertise, ARF Interior has done multiple projects with inspiring homeowners and notable designers. We work closely with them to create a living space filled with personalized and luxurious built in furniture that they can proudly call their own.

The most difficult work is on-site work, which require years of accumulated experience and hands on supervision

- Mr. Chan Soen Joeng (Aweng), Founder Find out more

Recent Projects

We understand that a house should feel like a home to you. Hence, we craft only quality custom furniture to ensure your living place looks and feels exactly how you imagine it to be. From high-end private houses & condominium to offices, we are always pleased to turn your dream furniture design into reality seamlessly.

LP House


Residence in Pekanbaru


Taman Bukit Hijau Residence


It has been great pleasure working with arf. It is our desire to  keep the client satisfied with our services and products. And we did it! See you soon on another project.
- Quatro Design
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